Since 1924, we have served the needs of children who would otherwise suffer or go without. As the needs of children have changed, we have responded. Today, we care for children ages 5 into young adulthood who come to us from their families, foster care or the judicial system.

The love, structure, sense of belonging and training the kids receive at Amarillo Children's Home allows them to give back to their community as respectful students, diligent workers and volunteers, dedicated moms and dads and honest businessmen and women.

This varied based on individual need. Typically, kids stay with us anywhere from a few months to many years.

Our kiddos attend local public schools, play sports, are elected to school government, have jobs and join clubs. Academic achievement and community involvement is a focus at Amarillo Children's Home. (We're proud of our cumulative campus GPA of over 3.0!) We also provide opportunities to volunteer in the community and nurture a desire to give back.

You bet! Think of it as any other family with school, sports, jobs and trips to the mall or movies....then add a few more kiddos.

Some of the children in our care are eligible for adoption through an outside agency.

Yes! One of our greatest joys is successfully reuniting a child with his or her family.

The more people positively involved in our kids' lives, the better. Chances are, we need what you have to offer, and we'd like to help you determine that based on your strengths and interests. Whether you want to give of your time or funds, the best thing to do is to call our offices at at (806) 352-5771, and we'll brainstorm with you to discover the perfect fit for you or your organization.

Only around 25% of the annual funding for Amarillo Children's Home comes from the state of Texas. We rely on private giving for the remaining 75%. Take a look at our handy graph.

We are very grateful for the $4,000 gift that the Presbytery provides each year. Likewise, many members of the Presbytery also give in various ways; from financial gifts given by individuals and individual churches to birthday cakes and clothes for the children. We are blessed on so many fronts to be a part of the Palo Duro Presbytery.

Yes, you may. All undesignated funds will go towards the care of the children and operation of Amarillo Children's Home. If you'd like, you may give now.

Yes. We understand that the need for a family to place a child outside of the home for any length of time is a very difficult decision. We work with each child and family to achieve the best outcome for all involved.

We have a process geared towards ensuring that Amarillo Children's Home is the best fit for your child. The first step is to contact our office at (806)352-5771 to speak with a placement coordinator who will be happy to walk you through the process.